How can I develop my campaign to suit my “target market”?2015-04-02T12:43:53+01:00

We use the most advanced and powerful neighbourhood segmentation data source in Ireland, that crosses the census data with 35 socio-economic segments and classifications based on Lifestyle, Family Group, Socio Class and household status. The data source can be used for your campaign when agreed upon.

If I need to bring my leaflets to you what are the packaging requirements?2015-04-02T12:28:17+01:00

The leaflets should be boxed in a uniformed amount and with quantity and item description ladled on the box.

Where shall I deliver the leaflets to if I select the distribution and audit option?2015-04-02T12:27:51+01:00

The majority of the time the leaflets should be delivered to the following address:
Unit G12, Calmount Park
Dublin 12

Who will deliver my leaflets?2015-04-02T12:27:22+01:00

We have a team of employees and independent contractors who deliver the leaflets for us. That includes: drivers and managers who monitor the delivery in the field.

How do I know if my leaflets have been delivered?2015-04-02T12:27:00+01:00

We have a GPS Delivery verification system that shows us the distribution area and we also have a distribution audit procedure.